Hi, I'm Martin...

and I am a proactive, analytical and creative digital product designer with experience delivering problem solving designs on web, mobile and in XR.
I have a deep understanding for UX-design principles, design systems, UI, digital learning and motivation. I love obsessing over user needs and interfaces which lead to intuitive, elegant and simple design that “feels just right”.

Building to Think

I believe that design is about building to think. Everything we create should teach us something so we can keep on improving our design, because no design is ever perfect. It can always get better. Working with digital product design, it is of utmost importance that we never start thinking of the product as a checklist that should just be completed. This results in mediocrity, which I will never celebrate.

I employ the design thinking methodology in my work because it is built around inclusiveness: It brings users and stakeholders into the design process. This is important because everyone brings knowledge, competencies, and creativity in their own way, but all end up making the product better so that we may continue solving real problems.

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